We operate a “foundry” for large-area electronic device manufacturing at our Oxford facility. It is a Class 10,000 (ISO7) cleanroom, with multiple production tools and is ISO 9001:2015 accredited. We produce devices for clients who do not wish to maintain in-house manufacturing capabilities, collaboratively developing and validating processes and scaling to moderate volume production.    

Our printed electronics device manufacturing operation puts quality and efficiency first, allows for flexibility in your product demands and specification and help to speed your product to market.  We believe that these skills and values are the building blocks to a successful production relationship.

With a strong R&D, mature equipment design and manufacturing base, our contract manufacturing services include:

-       Advanced Capacitive Touch Screens Production – accredited to ISO 9001:2015 standards

-       Lens Lamination using an approved unique optical bonding process

-       Bio Sensor and pharmaceutical fabrication technology

-       Laser micro-welding

-       Piece part and component fabrication

-       Wide ranging large-scale and flexible printed electronic device fabrication

These capabilities are possible through use of in-house designed specialist manufacturing equipment. Together with our in-house advanced printed electronics R&D department we can speedily and efficiently deploy and dovetail new processes into device manufacturing.  

The manufacturing technologies we have available include:

1.  LASER direct writing for ablation, via drilling, cutting, surface modification, sintering, curing, etc

2.  LASER ablation by scanned mask imaging (SMI) for fine scale (<5mm) high density patterning and via drilling

3.  INKJET deposition of a large range of nano-particle metallic inks, resists, UV and thermosetting dielectrics, etc.

4.  EXTRUSION PRINTING of metallic micro-particle pastes

5.  SCREEN PRINTING metallic pastes including conductive via formation

6.  WET CHEMISTRY Etching and Plating

7.  GLASS CUTTING and scribing technology

8.  LENS LAMINATION for touch screens and other optical components


10.  ELECTRONIC TESTING and characterisation using latest type metrology and calibrated systems for enhanced RELIABILITY.

We run production in Class ISO 7 clean room environments and /or fully validated laboratory facilities specifically designed to fit the requirements of the product and services.

We will work with you on your new product introduction and device programming or help you to upgrade an existing product.

Our focus is on complete manufacturing services, including mechanical and electronics build from prototype to testing, packaging and shipping to anywhere in high volumes.

Prototyping is fast and delivery for field testing is in days from receipt.



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