MSV 600

Advanced Laser Processing Multi-functional Manufacturing Tool

6 - 8


  • PV
  • Smart Windows
  • Displays
  • Signage
  • Touch panels


  • Direct patterning of ITO and novel transparent conductors such as silver nanowire, metal mesh and graphene
  • Direct patterning of metal busbars such as Cu, Ag, Mo)
  • Laser cutting of flexible plastic substrate (e.g.PET)
  • Process method
    • Feed-stop to process-feed
    • On-the-fly laser processing also available upon request.


  • High throughput
  • Automated robotic loading
  • Class 1 laser safe enclosure 
  • S2S or/and R2R
  • Ultra stable granite construction
  • Multiplexing patterning (i.e.laser patterning of more than one design simultaneously.) with multiple scanners
  • Compatible with thin flexible glass as well as flexible plastic substrate
  • Inspection and Alignment camera(s)
  • Touch panel operation


  • Laser:  wide range of DPSS and fibre lasers can be integrated 
    • One or more lasers can be integrated
  • Beam conditioning options: 
    • Auto or manual adjustable beam expander
    • Beam shaping optics
  • Scanner: Galvanometer scan heads, up to aperture 20mm 
  • Range of optics available to give laser spot size down to ~ 1um or scan area up to ~ 150mm x 150mm (specification depends on combination of wavelength, spot size, field size)
  • Interchangeable mount system for swapping between fixed optics and scanners
  • Dynamic focusing control (optical z axis)


Stages: *X-Y Axis (CNC)

  • Drive: Precision linear rails + linear motor + linear encoder
  • Travel: 800mm x 1800mm
  • Speed: 1000mm/s
  • Repeatability: ±2µm 
  • Accuracy: <30µm
  • Resolution: 1.0µm

Stages: **Z Axis (Manual) Focus control

  • Drive: Precision linear rails + ball screw manually adjusted and locked.
  • Travel: 50mm

Stages: *R2R rewind and unwind (CNC) material transportation

  • Material index accuracy ±500µm
  • Material index speed 1m/s
  • Material compatibility: Glass up to 200µm thick & plastic films 

* Standard specification. Alternative specifications and additional axis available to suit customer requirements upon request.

** CNC option available upon request


  • Laser firing synchronised to stage or scanner movements
  • Camera + machine vision for alignment and/or inspection with multiple field of view options
  • Integrated software

Machine Architecture

  • Double gantry system 
  • Ultra stable granite structure     
  • Class 1 laser safe, Interlocked safety enclosure   
  • Dimensions: 2.05m(H) x 3.4m(W) x 2.35mm(D)
  • Weight: 4500kg