MSV 700

Hybrid Glove Box Manufacturing Tool

7 - 5


  • OLED
  • OPV
  • Batteries
  • Super Capacitors
  • Barrier coating


  • Spray deposition of multiple materials in parallel of sequentially
    • Moisture and oxygen sensitive materials
    • Organic materials
    • Inorganic materials
    • Nanoparticles
    • 2D materials 
    • Aggressive chemicals 
  • Ink jet printing of conductive and insulating materials 
    • Silver inks
    • Copper inks
    • Dielectric inks
    • Barrier inks
  • Laser patterning of thin and thick films
  • Laser curing of conductive inks 
  • UV curing


  • Spray deposition 
    • Multiple independent fluid delivery channels
    • Peristaltic pump with pulse suppression 
    • Inline recirculating sonicator
    • Range of fluid deliver speeds 
    • Co-spraying with tilted heads
    • Adjustable spry width and nozzle positioning 
    • Nozzle watching camera with video record capability
  • Ink jet
    • Multiple print heads 
    • Direct feed or recirculating fluid delivery system
    • Integrated maintenance station
  • Height sensor
  • Inspection and alignment camera
  • Hot plate
  • Vacuum chuck


  • Lasers:  wide range of DPSS and fibre lasers available for integration 
    • One or more lasers can be integrated
  • Beam conditioning options: 
    • Auto or manual adjustable beam expander
    • Beam shaping optics
    • Aperture imaging (multiple apertures on changer stage) 
  • Scanners: Galvanometer scan heads, up to aperture 20mm 
  • Up to 4 scanners possible 
  • Range of optics available to give laser spot sizes down to <10um and scan areas up to  150mm x 150mm (specification depends on combination of wavelength, spot size, field size)
  • Optical Z axis


Stages: *X-Y Axis (CNC)

  • Drive: Precision linear rails + belt drive + encoder + servo motor
  • Travel: 1020 x 610mm
  • Speed: 1000mm/s
  • Repeatability: ±10µm 
  • Accuracy: ±100µm 
  • Resolution: 10µm

Stages: *Z Axis (CNC) Focus control

  • Drive: Precision linear rails + ball screw + braked stepper
  • Travel: 240mm
  • Speed: 700mm/s
  • Repeatability: ±10µm 
  • Accuracy: ±100µm 
  • Resolution: ±5µm

* Standard specification. Alternative specifications and additional axis available to suit customer requirements upon request.


  • Laser firing synchronised to stage or scanner movements
    • Spray start/stop with stage synchronisation
    • Ink jet start/stop with stage synchronisation
  • Camera + machine vision for alignment and/or inspection
  • Integrated software   

Machine Architecture

  • Metal extrusion frame with air and moisture tight enclosure
  • Recirculating glove box with <1ppm moisture and oxygen levels
  • Standalone glove box or multiple with linking antechamber 
  • Single or double fronted
  • Light curtain interlocked glove ports
  • Multiple sizes available upon request
  • Dimensions: 2.5m(H) x 2.5m(W) x 1.3mm(D)
  • Weight: 1000kg


Glovebox provided by MBraun