M-Solv prides itself on developing new and advanced laser processes and printing for the energy, large area electronics and IC packaging sectors for both commercial and scientific applications.

M-Solv use a wide variety of industrial lasers depending upon the exact customer requirement and application.  The most common type of industrial laser used is a short pulsed Diode Pumped Solid State laser (DPSS) which can have 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm or 266nm wavelengths, useful for selecting the most suitable absorption characteristics on a wide variety of exotic materials.

The DPSS lasers are generally used in focussed direct write mode, whereby the beam is focussed onto the material to be machined and either the substrate is moved around underneath the focus or the beam itself is quickly deflected by the use of a galvanometer scanner.  This fast movement is helped by the high speed pulsing rate of DPSS lasers, which can be a few Hz up to many 100's of kHz.  Some lasers even utilise MHz frequencies with a correspondingly short ps (picosecond pulse length).

M-Solv has vast experience of many other types of laser such as the DUV excimer laser and CO2.

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Laser Technology

Laser Technology

M-Solv develops and enhances, existing and new laser micromachining proceses, including laser ablation, patterning, sintering and cutting. Click here to view. 

Industrial Lasers