Innovation and Experience

With many years of experience in laser technology, M-Solv has successfully established itself as an innovative leader in developing new and advanced laser processes in microelectronic, photovoltaic and flat panel display manufacture for both commercial and scientific applications.

Formed to advance laser micromachining and micro deposition applications, M-Solv performs application specific process research, design, engineering and manufacture for micron scale ablative machining and other specialised functional materials processes.

The head office is based in Oxford, UK, with an active office in Hong Kong, a manufacturing partner in Taiwan and distributers and partnerships worldwide. As an equipment manufacturer and integrator, M-Solv provides complete engineered solutions for large scale production, pilot trials, and R&D applications. Primarily we supply products to first and second tier companies, as well as working with universities on R&D projects..

M-Solv is the technology development centre of the major Asian manufacturing company CN Innovations and provides niche microelectronics production machines for their handheld electronics production facility.