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17th – 18th March 2015, IMAPS Conference and Exhibition

M-Solv will be exhibiting and presenting at the IMAPS conference in Scottsdale Arizona with from the 17th – 18th March 2015.

M-Solv are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting and presenting at the IMAPS 11th International Conference and Exhibition 2015. Come and visit us at booth #13 to learn more about our tools, technology and application know-how. Our experts will be on hand and happy to discuss any of your questions. 

On the booth we will be showcasing a video demonstration of M-Solv’s proprietary Scanned Mask Imaging (SMI) technology. SMI allows direct patterning and ablative removal of materials down to a resolution of a few microns. A photo-mask is raster scan illuminated by a UV multi-mode solid state laser. A high resolution projection lens delivers a de-magnified image of the photo-mask to the substrate, where the energy is used to modify the target material.

This novel technology takes advantage of the low running costs associated with solid state laser systems, as well as the flexibility and quality of process offered by imaging systems. In comparison to excimer laser systems of equivalent specification, the process cost of ownership can be <50% using SMI technology, with no reduction in quality, and with higher throughput. 

To discuss M-Solv’s SMI technology or any of our other processes, technologies or tools, come and visit us at booth #13 to meet our experts, we look forward to seeing you at the show.  

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