MSV 100

Laser Ablation R&D Tool

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The MSV-100 platform is a high accuracy and resolution ablative laser micromachining tool, designed for advanced laser processing research and development or for production of small parts. The MSV 100 utilises a modular platform to which a wide range of lasers, optical delivery systems and process diagnostics can be specified according to the required purpose or application.

The MSV-100 represents a cost effective solution to process development in microelectronics, thin film or Transparent Conducting oxide patterning and removal such as ITO.  Photovoltaic crystalline cell scribing, drilling, cutting and patterning is also a popular application for this adaptable machinery.

Based on a granite slab with a granite bridge above, mounted on vibration isolators and a steel frame, the granite structure ensures thermal and mechanical stability of the system and excellent damping of external vibrations from the environment. An x,y stage set with 300mm x 300mm travel is mounted on the granite slab and a 150mm x 150mm porous vacuum chuck is typically mounted on the stages.

The system is both stable and configurable with space for a small to medium sized laser and complex beam conditioning optics, ideal for R&D applications. The final focusing lens is mounted on a braked vertical (z) stage with a machine vision camera for part alignment or inspection, a galvoscanner can also be included and safe debris extraction is provided. The tool is housed in a fully interlocked Class 1 laser safe enclosure and is compatible with a Class 1000 cleanroom environment.  

Flexible, integrated, software is provided with the tool to make R&D or production tasks simple and efficient to set up.

In addition to the standard configuration, many options are available such as power meters, focus sensors, bespoke chucks, multiple beam paths and extra axes, please contact us to find out more. 

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Laser Technology

Laser Technology

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