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Advanced Laser Processing

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The MSV-500 is designed as a production platform for advanced laser processing of thin films on sheet based substrate materials, such as glass or PET. The platform has the ability to support multiple process heads, fed from multiple lasers through complex beam conditioning optics, and a wide range of options and ancillaries are available (including auto-loaders). The machine architecture allows process head configurations that address the substrate from both above and below simultaneously for 2-sided processing.

The tool is based on a granite slab with a granite bridge above, mounted on vibration isolators and a steel frame.  The granite structure ensures thermal and mechanical stability of the system and excellent damping of external vibrations from the environment. The chuck area supports a total substrate area of 610mm x 510mm, with total stage travel of 320mmx650mm.

The tool includes two large optical breadboards for mounting lasers and optics, and the system has a wide range of possible configurations. For example: multiple picosecond pulsed IR lasers, UV nanosecond lasers, fibre lasers, serving up to 8 process heads.

The tool can include one or more machine vision cameras for part alignment and/or inspection, it incorporates laser debris/fume extraction, and is contained in an interlocked class 1 laser-safe enclosure, which is compatible with Class 1000 clean rooms. 

In addition to the standard configuration, many options are available, please contact us to find out more. 

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Laser Technology

Laser Technology

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