MSV 200

Industrial Inkjet Deposition Tool

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The MSV-200 is a versatile inkjet materials deposition tool with a working area of 500mm x 500mm. It is built around a granite gantry system with the substrate moving in the printing direction at up to 500mm/s with the print heads stepping across the gantry. It incorporates Fujifilm DImatix Q-Class print heads (Sapphire, Polaris or Starfire) which can be configured according to the application requirements.

This architecture results in a compact footprint with very high printing accuracy for nanoparticulate metal inks, etch resists, dielectrics, etc,, with optional UV cure (Hg lamp or LED). It has a machine vision camera for layer-to-layer alignment including rotation of the vacuum chuck which secures the work piece over +/- 1⁰. The tool includes and automated print head maintenance station and is fully controlled by an M-Solv software application with full control over printing parameters and ink supply. There is a fully interlocked safety enclosure which includes fume extraction with appropriate filtering, chosen to suit the application.

In addition to the standard configuration, many options are available, please contact us to find out more. 

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Inkjet Technology

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