MSV 300

Advanced IC Package Manufacturing Tool

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The MSV-300 is a high volume manufacturing machine specifically designed for high resolution LDA (Laser Direct Ablation) of organic substrates. The ablated structures enable embedded circuitry, required for next generation IC substrates and interposers.

The technology allows direct ablative removal of organic materials down to a resolution of a few microns, utilising M-Solv’s proprietary ‘Scanned Mask Imaging’ (SMI) technology. The ablated 3D structures can be subsequently filled with a conducting material to create embedded circuitry.

Built upon an ultra-stable, vibration isolated granite structure, the multi-mode solid state laser beams are scanned at high speed to illuminate a photo-mask, which is subsequently imaged and de-magnified onto the surface of the substrate.

The MSV-300 is capable of processing on 20” x 24” substrates at an average process rate of >7k die/hr. High accuracy, high speed X-Y translation stages and mask positioners allow for accurate registration of image to substrate.

This fully industrial and automated tool can include auto-loading from cassette by robot, and is controlled proprietary software.

Using solid state lasers and multiple process heads, the MSV-300 ensures high throughput at a low cost of ownership.

In addition to the standard configuration, many options are available please contact us to find out more. 

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Advanced Packaging (SMI)

Advanced Packaging (SMI)

M-Solv’s Scanned Mask Imaging technology delivers cost effective, high resolution structuring of organic substrates for laser embedded conductor technology. Click here to view. 

MSV 302C Product Datasheet

MSV 302C Product Datasheet

Looking in detail at the MSV-302C advanced IC package manufacturing tool, with information on its processes, capabilities, features and detailed specification. Click here to view.