M-Solv prides itself on developing new and advanced laser processes and printing for the energy, large area electronics and IC packaging sectors for both commercial and scientific applications.

M-Solv supplies all systems with Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software appropriate to the application. The software architecture is modular, scalable, flexible and reliable, allowing rapid deployment of a wide variety of different laser processes.

Touchscreen SCADA software

The SCADA software provides an easy to use, touch-screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the operator, real-time sequencing of tool operations, system monitoring functionality and data logging. Optionally the software may be configured to integrate with a factory automation system or Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Operation sequencing typically includes system initialisation, which ensures that all aspects of the system are operating correctly, calibration and diagnostics functions, automated or semi-automated loading and unloading, and substrate processing.

Quality Control

In addition to these basic operations, a system can include optional alignment or quality control functions. For each substrate, the software may integrate the data from vacuum sensors, video cameras, alignment sensors, height sensors or isolation probes. These allow the software to verify the substrate is present, calculate its position or test for correct laser operation. All of this information can be fed back into the process in order to meet the required accuracy, repeatability and quality control specifications.

Process Parameters

Recipe selection configures a number of different parameters according to the process and hardware in use. These parameters can include one or more patterns, the scan speed, the laser power and repetition rate, whether the pattern is scanned once or multiple times and pattern scale factors amongst others. This flexibility allows process engineers to adapt the machine to changing requirements.

The HMI also provides access to calibration and diagnostic tools appropriate to the system. Direct control of the substrate position (stage control), viewing and altering I/O states, viewing safety state information, monitoring and altering laser parameters which are outside of the recipe and monitoring the laser power meter are all typical diagnostic tools made available through the M-Solv SCADA software.

Patterning Process

To make the system easier to operate, the M-Solv HMI provides different levels of functionality according to the user logged in. Operators are typically limited to initialising the system, selecting a recipe and running the process, while administrators are able to control every aspect of the system, including the ability to define recipes, run diagnostic and calibration routines, and manually control the machine. The software can optionally provide other levels of user access, such as technician or supervisor according to the needs of the tool environment.

Software and User Interface